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 Anticipate, Discover and Act

Your internet solution provides you with a permanently secure environment

  • a clear, updated view of the accounts situation and the projected situation of your different accounts,
  • consolidated or detailed information according to your requirements.

    You can also act rapidly by performing a wide range of remote banking operations :

  • unit transfers (domestic or international) or multiple transfers (domestic), remittance of payment orders or bills ;
  • UCITS redemptions or subscriptions

    With your online banking service you can also consult the records of validated operations or the status of operations.

    A range of services which let you personalize the view of your accounts (notional accounts merger, personalization of names), download list of beneficiaries from your workstation, order cheque books on line, receive daily account statements by e-mail through the MAIL REPORT service, etc.

    Finally, the TRANSNET service is a simple way of exchanging files with BNP Paribas in a secured environment via the Internet. For each account registered with BNP Net, access to BNP Net Entreprises services can be personalized by the user (person authorized to use BNP Net Entreprises).

  • An overall, personalized view of your accounts

    You can consult a wide range of accounts :

  • your BNP Paribas current accounts kept in France or abroad,
  • Your current accounts kept in another bank in France or abroad,
  • your consolidated accounts (notional account merger),
  • Your securities accounts and time deposits,
  • your loan accounts (term loans, acceptances and overdraft facilities),
  • your bills remitted to BNP Paribas for collection or discount.

    For all these accounts, you will have an overall view of your position with the possibility of obtaining more detailed information.

    In particular, for consultation of your current accounts, there are two main types of display :
  • Accounting situation, which presents the position of your accounts in capital, including all transactions recorded the previous evening ;

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  • Projected situation, which shows the value-dated position of your accounts at any time including future operations (intradays) for these accounts. In this mode, you can also access all your intradays with the desired level of detail.

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    For all current accounts, you can also display the movement of balances over a one-month period.

  • Simplicity and speed of on-line operations

    The management of payment operations is simplified thanks to a beneficiaries management function. In particular, you can create lists of beneficiaries with a classification per family (suppliers, salaries, etc.) and download or export the lists defined on your workstation.

     Sécurity - Validation

    Validation of your payments is secured by means of the 'Transfert Sécurisé' Card, used with a Covadis Caroline car reader (USB connected) or with a wireless card reader.
    You set the limits and the validation rules for your operations with single or double signature in terms of the account, the type of operation, the signatory concerned by the operation, etc.

    Exchanging files with BNP Paribas

    With TRANSNET you can receive the files made available by BNP Paribas, for example: Movements and Balances, LCR Unpaid, Cartes Affaires transactions, etc. More than 20 files are at your disposal.

    TRANSNET also enables your to send BNP Paribas your order remittance files, for example remittances of transfers, payment orders, etc.

    Orders sent via Transnet or Etebac 3 can also be validated with the 'Transfert Sécurisé' Card, used with the Covadis Caroline card reader.

    To make the most of the advantages offered by TRANSNET,the use of banking software of the Poste Banque type is recommended. It enables you not only to transfer files to BNP Paribas via TRANSNET or ETEBAC 3 but also to integrate, directly in the software, the files made available by BNP Paribas via the TRANSNET module.

    With BNP Net Entreprises, you benefit from free professional assistance. Consult the Assistance section to find out more.

    You beneficiate of a wide range of services such as stop orders (cheque, credit cards, direct debits), cheque books ordering, IBAN edition, and links to our hot line.

    Financial information
    You beneficiate of a large point of view on the financial actuality: Mutual Fund rates, exchange rates, money market rates.

    Mutual Funds trading
    With "Investments" option, you can subscribe and sell on line all Mutual Funds of BNP Paribas group.

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